by Grocery Clerk

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MUSICmw Publishing is proud to present "11:7" the first single by electromental (experimental electronic) artist Grocery Clerk.


For The Independent Musician

This is a tribute to the independent musician: the student who is upstairs practicing piano while his friends learn how to skate, the composer who is inspired to tell the truth rather than driven to compete and the guitarist who plays her heart out for an audience of three and goes home happy.

This also goes out to all of the teachers who have attended late night seminars, parent-teacher conferences and board meetings to bear witness to the many ways that music enriches our lives and propels us forward as a society.

I would personally like to thank all of the producers, mixing and mastering engineers for listening to us and trying your best to understand the "vision."

At this moment, I would encourage you to think about music's past, present and future. For hundreds of years, composers magically conjured up melodies with harmonies in rhythm at tempo through dynamic changes combining many timbres in meaningful form. Most of this beautiful art was lost. We do our best to interpret the surviving manuscripts, often guessing the composer's true intentions.

More recently, recorded music has made it possible to capture the original composition and preserve it forever. At the same time, however, the "commercial" musician has discovered many different reasons to make music. The truth, it seems, remains elusive.

It is my opinion that music without truth is pointless and forgettable. Bach's music still inspires us 300 years after it came to be. Will anything created in the age of recorded music matter in 2316?

I truly hope so.

In a time when it's never been easier to record music, I hope that the independent musicians of the world are able to shut out all of the noise and create inspired art. In a time when it's never been easier to share music, I hope that composers and listeners are able to connect in a more meaningful way. In a time when people are consuming more music than ever before, I hope that humanity discovers its true value and collectively commits to fostering and nurturing musical thought processes.

Independent musicians of the world, it is our time. We can uncover the truth. We can help light the way forward.

Copyright 2016 Matthew Wilson


released May 19, 2016
Copyright 2016 Matthew Wilson.


all rights reserved



MUSICmw Toronto, Ontario

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